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Down to the Delta…

I’m excited to see what the high water done in the Delta. I’m going out to check the woods and the wild game in the Sunflower Delta tomorrow. I’ll bring a full report back to the radio show next week.

My friend Don and I will be squirrel hunting, bow hunting, and fishing…I told my wife this is all just research for my show and it can’t be helped. After all these years, she’s used to it. That weather starts getting a little nip in the air and I’ve got to get out to the woods and into my shooter shack.


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11- Time Champion

This year marked my 11th consecutive win as the Mississippi Deep Sea Rodeo Fishing Tournament Freshwater Catfish Grand Champion.

They jokingly ask when I’m going to let someone else win. At least, I think they are joking!

But I’m not giving up yet.

For starters, there aren’t many men my age who can still pull 50-lbers from the water. They aren’t exactly coming easily!

But there’s another reason.

It’s not just that fishing is in blood, though that’s very true. I have river water coursing through my very veins.

It’s more than that.

It’s a promise the Lord gave me.

While I’m fishing for men spiritually, I’m also literally fishing FOR men. One summer fishing tournament nets me enough fish to do two or three benefits for those in need.

And the prize-winning fish are donated by the tournament sponsors as well.

So I’ll keep on fishing, filling my nets, and knowing Who to thank for it all.