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It was a beautiful river last month but then came the rain!

The river rose and became a muddy mess making it hard to fish.

I came home early to fish here and found 16 ft high waters here too!

The best part of the trip was pulling up to Panther Swamp to talk to a fella catching channel cat. He started packing up and I thought the man just didn’t want to talk to anyone. But I rolled down my window and started asking him questions. He was polite but I could tell something was bothering him. Finally it dawned on me that my Catfish Charlie logos on the doors of my truck probably looked an awful lot like DEPT OF WILDLIFE AND FISHERIES logos from where he was. When I told him I was just a fellow fisherman, not a game warden, he relaxed and we had a good old laugh. He said he’d left his fishing license at home and wasn’t sure he was getting out of the fine he knew he was about to get!

He was a nice old man- I’m glad I wasn’t the game warden!

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Mixed reviews out there on the game population this year.

I talked to the game wardens, hunters, even the guys who mow the levee- Some seen a lot, some seen very little, some seen nothing…

The Sunflower management area on off-traffic trails are closed to side-by-sides and 4-wheelers but that didn’t really affect me. Nor did the date changes and limits because I saw about the same amount of bucks and does as always.

In fact, CWD (Chronic Waste Disease) causes more issues than the water from flooding does. And it’s caused by overpopulation. So keep hunting and harvesting in the Delta!

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Down to the Delta…

I’m excited to see what the high water done in the Delta. I’m going out to check the woods and the wild game in the Sunflower Delta tomorrow. I’ll bring a full report back to the radio show next week.

My friend Don and I will be squirrel hunting, bow hunting, and fishing…I told my wife this is all just research for my show and it can’t be helped. After all these years, she’s used to it. That weather starts getting a little nip in the air and I’ve got to get out to the woods and into my shooter shack.