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Fishing Rodeo Part 2

Last week we talked about scoping out the best fishing spots and keeping a record of the weather systems prior to a big fishing trip. Now it’s time to bait up.

We don’t head to the store for bait; we head to the lake.

After double-checking my live wells to be sure I can keep my live bait..well, alive…we move on to the pre-fishing fishing.

I fish for perch which can be found in freshwater lakes, sloughs, and bayous. As my ole Pop used to say, “Go catch you some punkinseed perch for live bait.”

Always check the rules and regulations in your state for legalities of using anything in the perch family for live bait.

In the bream family, there are many different species of perch. South Mississippi and Alabama, we have what they call a stump perch. You will find these mostly in shallow water around roots and cypress knees. This type bait is the toughest I’ve seen- it can stay alive on a hook much longer than most fish. It is similar to the sunfish family of fish in the Arkansas and Tennessee areas.

Once you’ve learned how to catch your bait, it’s time to learn how to catch the fish…

Once again check your local rules and regulations for the amount of hooks you can use.

I have a commercial fishing license to catch the fish for the ministry. This allows me a greater use of hooks. All of the fish I catch are used for the ministry…keep in mind while fishing, never catch more than you can eat and if you have extra, donate to a local shelter or ministry!

It’s time to head to the river…stay tuned next week!

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