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Fishing Rodeo 2019

My favorite time of the year…the 4th of July!

It marks the time to begin preparing to catch the BIG FISH for the 4th of July Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo, knowing it will take DAYS of searching for that big fish.

The process of getting all the equipment needed is no easy job. I check out live well pumps, my boats, my motors, and scope out fishing spots.

I search the areas where I think a giant catfish might be bedded up and spend hours circling a particular spot on the river looking for fish.

I go from one hole to another, still doing surveillance only, until I have marked and logged in the places I want to return to the next day to see if the fish are still there.

This process lasts anywhere from 3 or 4 days to a week. I haven’t begun to start fishing at all at this point.

While scoping sites, I’m also recording barometric pressures, cold fronts, weather systems, low pressures, and high pressures.

After all, you don’t just catch a big catfish anytime you want to.

Now it’s time to get my bait… if you think I pick it up at Wal-Mart, you’d be very wrong. Find out what I use for bait next Monday…


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