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Days of Old

Boy it’s hot out there!

I’m sure glad I’m not chopping cotton.

Growing up, the rows was long and the fields was wide. And there was very few shades trees at the ends of the rows.

Sometimes it was not so bad when there was very little weeds and grass to cut down but then sometimes that ole Johnson grass was as high as your head.

I was born in Arkansas in the 1940’s, at a time when you had kerosene lamps for light and an outhouse to take care of your business. It was a harder life but it wasn’t as busy.

My dad was a sharecropper and the kids were expected to work right alongside him. The days were long, sunup to sundown, and you didn’t take many breaks.

It may have been hard but if gave me a great work ethic, something you don’t find often in today’s world.

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