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Someone sold me the fillet knife and I was hooked.

I know, I know…you could probably sell me snake oil. Or anything to do with fishing anyway but I’m telling you…these knives are GOOD!

So good that I applied to become a licensed reseller.

My wife has tried all the soups and mixes and they must meet her approval before they get posted on my site.

Over the next few days I’ll be adding all of the products I have in stock. Ordering is simple- just click on what you want and it will take you through the checkout process. If you live nearby, I’ll bring it to you or if you are too far away, I’ll ship it free of charge.

Every product comes with a lifetime warranty. Well, maybe not the soups….once you eat them, you’re on your own!

The best part? Your purchase supports my fishing ministry. So stock up today! Buy some for yourself and some to give as gifts!

Watch for specials on my Facebook page every Thursday and Saturday!

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